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TwistedFaces.com: Caricatures from Rock Cowles

Twisted Faces - 3D Caricatures by Rock Cowles

Photo poses for a great caricature!




Left 3/4 profile

Right 3/4 profile

Full body with clothing & shoes
(showing inside of forearms)

Full body with clothing & shoes
(showing outside of forearms)

These are the best poses for a great caricature. Notice on the full body shots they include clothing, shoes, and one with the
insides of the forearms showing and one with the outsides (this only matters if you have tattoos there and want there to be a general idea of what they are on the caricatures). All pictures need to be large, close up, well lit, and clear. Side profile shots are also very helpful! Please include your eye color if it is not evident in the photos!

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